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The Realopedia portal is a B2B and B2C business networking marketplace, bringing real estate industry specialists together on one central platform. With our industry expertise and toolkit, the Realopedia portal offers licensed professionals global connectivity and worldwide reach.

The Realopedia global business networking marketplace enables industry professionals to build and expand their global networks. Investors can connect to industry specialists on one central platform and can search for commercial & residential properties and investments, certified agents, broker companies, real estate developers and corporate affiliates that support the industry. Realopedia's Knowledge Hub has a databank of real estate insights, news, statistics, reports, webinars, podcasts, exhibitions, and education & training, providing industry professionals with the latest market data needed to make deals. Realopedia LLC crowdfunding collects investment opportunities from around the globe.

Mission: The Realopedia platform connects investors and customers with global real estate professionals and related corporate affiliates such as financial services, mortgage lenders, attorneys, architects, interior designers, and others.  

Vision: To be the platform of choice for customers and investors searching for properties and business and investment opportunities, both in developed and emerging markets.

Realopedia is made up of a group of diverse global professionals grounded in real estate, legal, finance, marketing, research and development. Through our international memberships and affiliations, we bring together the highest professional standards and best global practices.

For every annual paid subscription signed, Realopedia pledges to donate money to charities supported by the group, in order to make a difference in the lives of under-privileged children.  Realopedia aims to expand their charity work globally; the portal will keep you abreast of which charities they are supporting.

Searching for and buying property has never been this easy. Our website is user friendly, making it easy for the end user, whether an agent, broker company or investor to connect to real estate agents, broker companies, developers and corporate affiliates locally, regionally and internationally. Watch the video on the home page to view the features on the Realopedia portal.

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