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I first visited the Bay Area in the late nineties, as I was traveling from my home country Argentina to Alaska in my bicycle with only $800 dollars for almost two years, I will never forget one of those moments in your life that it hit you so right there I came to the conclusion that this is the place where I want to spend the rest of my life, I felt in love with the culture, the architecture, and the innovation of this region. Ethical, hardworking and really enthusiastic, I stake my reputation on every relationship I build, since I got to the bay area I worked in construction, volunteer as an EMT with the SFFD, became a Cardiologist Technician at SFSU and worked for Stanford Children Hospital, open my own handyman business for the last 14 years and now to complement this I have become a Real Estate Agent. Since becoming a realtor, also became member of Realopedia a Global Real Estate eMarket Network, based in Dubai called by TechCrunch the first of its kind with over 125,000 members and 230,000 properties worldwide, I like to think local but I like to act globally, this is the most essential part of our industry to be connected locally, nationally and globally. Right now I am working on my National Commercial Real Estate Investment Consulting Certification and yes, I am one of those that think that the sky is the limit. I always believe that each client needs a unique approach and that our team has what it takes to excel in providing top level client service.
Office Address : 771 Monterey Blvd San Francisco,CA 94127
Email Address : Send Message
Office Phone : 4153103226
City : San Francisco
State : California
Country : United States
License No. : 02064748
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