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Professional Organizations/Affiliations : JTHS Realtor / Palm Beach Realtor / Miami Association Realtor
Specialties: MCNE Master Negotiation Expert / Comercial Specialist
Language : English
With a passion for helping others and over fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry, Jimmy Jimenez is dedicated to helping his clients buy and sell homes as smoothly and easily as possible. Known for his caring demeanor and expansive knowledge of the Palm Beach County area, Jimmy has a reputation for listening and providing his clients with the support they need. Having lived in Florida since the age of 3, Jimmy has a personal understanding of all that the state has to offer. Over the past 50 years, he has watched Palm Beach County grow and change as new and more impressive subdivisions have been constructed. Thanks to these experiences, Jimmy can easily and readily answer his clients’ questions and provide them with the guidance they seek. Prior to becoming involved in the real estate industry, Jimmy worked with the Florida Power & Light Company. Here, he became a certified journeyman lineman. Jimmy is able to put this knowledge to work when helping his clients choose the right home to suit their needs. When he is not helping his clients, Jimmy has an interest in fitness and health. His passion is so great that he became a certified personal trainer in 1991 through Dr. Anthony Abbot at Lynn University. Jimmy has built many strong relationships with his clients by continually listening to their every wish and employing one of his strongest virtues, patience.
Golden Bear Realty
Office Address :
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City : Palm Beach
State : Florida
Country : United States
License No. : 3058992

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