Building A Global Real Estate Business


Did you know that the global Real Estate market is valued at $217 trillion with residential properties making up approximately 75 percent of the total value? If you want to take your place within this competitive market, then you need to use Real Estate portals to build a strong network of domestic and international Real Estate professionals. Through a strong Real Estate network you can more easily transition into the global Real Estate market by showcasing your properties to interested foreign investors and benefiting from the experience of trusted Real Estate industry members.

Tips To Building A Global Real Estate Business

Building a global Real Estate business will require you to effectively enter the mindset of your future clients. Use the following cost effective tips to help you attract foreign investors and refine your current Real Estate services to fit the global market.

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1. Be their concierge and their adviser
Global clients will need your expert advice. It is your job to help them navigate through the potentially complex process of making Real Estate investments in foreign countries. This means that you will need to offer additional services that will help to make the Real Estate journey as smooth as possible. For example, you might offer access to inspectors, contractors, attorneys, and bankers to your global clients as a means for helping them buy a new investment property.

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2. Luxury listings attract luxury buyers
If you want to build a global luxury Real Estate business, then you need to begin with obtaining luxury listings. Clients are attracted to Realtors who know the market that they are interested in. Generally speaking, people from Hong Kong tend to buy high-end condominium properties on the United States' West Coast, while Canadians tend to buy in Palm Springs or Naples, Florida. Attracting luxury buyers starts by showcasing that you are the "go to Realtor" in a niche luxury market.

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3. Know your customer
A valuable customer connection stems from knowledge and understanding. For example, when you receive a referral you should take the time to get to know all that you can about the individual. Find out his country of origin, business, current Real Estate investments, and other important aspects of his life, such as if he is married with a family or single.

Create A Real Estate Professional Network

Just as you identified a niche market to grow your local Real Estate business, so too must you identify a niche market within the global marketplace. To do this, you should use Real Estate portals to build your network of trusted Real Estate professionals. Begin by exploring the resources that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) provides to its members. Use the NAR tools, as well as the previously mentioned tips, to help you revamp your current services to cater to a niche global market.

Next, join the members of Realopedia to connect with like-minded individuals who are interested in mutually beneficial business relationships that result in a stronger global position. Realopedia, a trusted global Real Estate portal and marketplace, is proud to bring together industry specialist under one easy to use central platform. Investors can easily search for properties, Realtors, real estate companies, developers, and corporate affiliates to complete new Real Estate investments both domestically and abroad.

As a new global Realtor, you can also use the Realopedia data bank to gain valuable worldwide Real Estate insights, statistics, reports, and the latest market news. Through the Knowledge Hub you can improve your global Real Estate education to further understand and respond to the future needs of foreign investors. Finally, as a member of Realopedia you can connect with other Real Estate industry professionals, list your properties, and create a smooth transition into the global marketplace. If you want to more effectively transition from a local to a global Realtor, then Join Realopedia today.

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