EIU: Kathmandu one of the most improved cities for liveability over last five years


According to the EIU’s Summary of the Liveability Ranking and Overview for 2015, Kathmandu is one of the cities whose liveability has improved most over the last five years, with its score rising 3.9 points to 51.0 (out of 100 – based on stability, healthcare, culture/entertainment, education and infrastructure). The EIU assesses that most aspects of living in Kathmandu – which is ranked 124th out of the 140 cities considered – as being ‘substantially constrained’. The five least liveable cities and their latest scores are Tripoli (40.0), Lagos (39.7), Port Moresby (38.9), Dhaka (38.7) and Damascus (29.3).

Source : August 2015/EIU/ Kathmandu/GEN