MC-CR: New York City lags London, Paris as destination for muslim tourists/shoppers


New York City is the 19th top rated destination out of the 40 cities surveyed in the 2015 Muslim Travel Shopping Index 2015 published by MasterCard CrescentRating, with an overall score of 49.9. Its overall shopping expenditure rating is very high at 84.5 (just below that of Paris which, in turn, is second only to London’s). However, its muslim visitor shopping expenditure rating of 18.8 is quite a lot lower than those of Paris (25.8) or London (30.5) and much lower than that of Dubai (88.1). US visa requirements are less favourable than those of most countries included in the survey – in which no other US city featured.

Source : September 2015/MC-CR/New York City/RET