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The global Real Estate industry is booming, and as with most research-based buying decisions, an impressive number of buyers and investors are turning to the Internet to find and make purchases. In light of the growing number of Real Estate transactions that take place online, Real Estate developers should strongly consider the global investment opportunities that exist by selling projects online.

Developers Need To Adjust To The Digital World Of Real Estate By Selling Projects Online

Over the past decade the world seems to have shrunk as Real Estate investors expand their holdings outside of their home countries. In fact, a recent research survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate discovered that 64 percent of foreign respondents plan on investing more heavily in U.S. Real Estate during the upcoming years. While the U.S. is not the only place to attract foreign investors, Dubai, Portugal, Belize, Italy, and Colombia are also considered the top places to make global Real Estate investments, many Real Estate developers are a bit behind when it comes to marketing their projects online. In order to combat this, developers must begin to advertise and sell their projects online.

The Internet provides the perfect global opportunity for Real Estate developers to cater to the 90 percent of home buyers who use an online search during the beginning, middle, and final stages of the home buying process. These searches are conducted on both a local and international scale, which means that if Real Estate developers want to sell their projects online, then they need to choose the right marketing platforms. A few of the ways that buyers gain insights into the development properties they want to purchase include YouTube videos, online Real Estate profiles, reviews and ratings of detailed property listings, and surfing an interactive global Real Estate portal like Realopedia. By leveraging the above tools, Real Estate developers can take advantage of unique online selling opportunities. Additionally, by creating a digital presence through a global Real Estate portal, developers can more effectively market their projects to a growing number of online buyers.

The Bottom Line: Use A Global Portal to Reach Interested Buyers

A global Real Estate portal is a unique entity that can connects like-minded Real Estate investors with buyers, other industry professionals, sellers, and developers. Through a centralized platform, Real Estate developers can more effectively market their projects to an awaiting audience. Detailed profiles, exclusive listings and the ability to build a reliable international and/or domestic network are just a few of the reasons why Real Estate developers should market their projects online via Realopedia.

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