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If you want to be a part of a global real estate marketplace, gain global exposure, and connect with real estate professionals then Realopedia is the platform for you.
Agents, broker companies, developers and real estate corporate affiliates can join Realopedia.
Anybody can browse and surf Realopedia.
There are membership packages for:
Agent packages
Broker Company packages
Developer packages
Corporate affiliate packages
If you are a member, Log in and click on your Admin panel to access membership information.
Yes. There is a free Classic Package for Agents, Broker Companies, Developers & Corporate Affiliates.
For more information email management@realopedia.com
If you are an Agent register and upload your properties immediately either manually of via XML.
To register and upload click here Agent  |

If you are a Broker Company, you can register your company for free.
To register click here Broker Company |

To add Agent under your company & property you need to upgrade your account.
If you are a Developer, you can register your company for free.
To register click here Developer |

To add project & property you need to upgrade your account.

If you are a corporate affiliate, you can register your company for free.
To register, click here Corporate Affiliate |
Yes. There are different types of banner ads. Click on “Advertise with us” for more information.
There are add ons for featured properties, featured agents, broker companies, developers & corporate affiliates through you Admin panel.
Once you register and upload your details, you will receive an email with a log in and password and a link to access your profile and activate your membership.
A broker’s card number if you are an agent, A professional trade license number or VAT number, if you are a broker company, developer, corporate affiliate depending on your country’s regulations.
Only Agent or Broker Company with active licenses can join Realopedia.
All membership packages at registration are under Classic and are in the Free category.
You will receive a notification one month before the expiry date of your membership with instructions on how to renew.
Your membership will automatically expire unless renewed at the end of the term.
Yes, Realopedia is using a secured payment gateway which is the Cybersource.
We accept the following cards: *Visa * *Master Card *
You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we receive your payment.
No. The link will direct you to the membership packages that Realopedia offers. Once you have decided on a package, you will be directed to a payment gateway where the payment method is outlined.
Realopedia offers a variety of advertising options in the “Advertise with us” section.
Email advertising@realopedia.com for more information.
For any issues, please send an email to support@realopedia.com
A member of our team will respond to your query within 48 hours.