The Heart of Europe - Sweden Island


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The Heart of Europe - Sweden Island

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Status: Currently Under Development Project Type: Residential Unit Type: Multiple Units Expected Completion: Each hotel/island is set for specific completion dates.

Although Sweden Island only features 10 luxury properties, during the year it will host authentic Swedish themed events and celebrations such as Midsummer, National Day, St Martin’s Day, Walpurgis Eve, Saint Lucia and crayfish parties.

What’s more, the island will celebrate the best of Swedish film, music and arts. During these popular cultural events, guests will be able to enjoy traditional Swedish delicacies such as sour herring, meatballs, Raggmunk, toast Skagen, smorgasbord, mouth-watering crayfish, hot mulled wine and Snaps and Gl?gg, to name but a few.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy and tranquility, Sweden Island in Dubai will offer you just that and more! Sweden Island will be home to 10 premium quality majestic waterfront villas which boast seven bedrooms, an exterior pool deck, a private beach and a stunning tropical landscape.

Each waterfront villa has been meticulously designed to the highest standards and is synonymous with classic Swedish design and architecture. Five of the villas will be designed and furnished by Bentley Home.


Project Number: 1671

Latitude: 25.22522 Longitude: 55.16201
Company Choueri Real Estate Broker LLC