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GLOBAL: February 16, 2019

Indian cities to see fastest growth in the world

Indian cities occupy every one of the top 10 spots on a recent list of the world’s fastest-growing cities over the next two decades, according to the Indian Embassy in Seoul, citing a report from Oxford Economics. Surat, a diamond-processing and trading center in the western stat...

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GLOBAL: February 15, 2019

Gateway cities continue to top global real estate investment, led by London

Commercial real estate remains resilient in the face of populism, protectionism and political uncertainty London maintained its position as the top city for global real estate investment in 2018, according to research published today by JLL (NYSE: JLL). Investors continue to favor ...

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GLOBAL: February 14, 2019

Foreign Buyers Flood Turkey’s Struggling Housing Market

Foreign buyers swooped into Turkey’s property market in the wake of the historic lira crisis and purchased more homes in the last six months than in all of 2017. Last August, Turkey’s currency lost one-third of its value in a single week, making goods (and homes) th...

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GLOBAL: February 13, 2019

Six Key Factors To Consider When Planning This Year’s Real Estate Goals

Real estate is an industry that is always in a state of flux. As such, it is imperative that entrepreneurs keep up to date with current best practices, market shifts, cutting-edge technologies and new opportunities. These factors can significantly impact a business’ success, especially as the new year begins. To keep relevant, all of these factors — and more — need to be considered when planning goals for the new year. Yet with so many different aspects to ...

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GLOBAL: February 11, 2019

Top Dubai broker targets Chinese real estate investors in 2019

The top selling real estate broker in Dubai has predicted that half of its sales this year will come from Chinese investors. Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fäm Properties, has set the target for 2019 after the company was honoured by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) following t...

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GLOBAL: February 10, 2019

Is the UAE’s new five-year visa a game changer for expat retirement?

Financial advice for expatriates in the UAE has traditionally focused on investing offshore, to ensure pension pots are accessible in whatever country they choose to relocate to. A new plan announced by the Cabinet on Sunday, however, will allow non-Emira...

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GLOBAL: February 9, 2019

Cyprus property market saw steady growth in 2018, but sales dipped in December.

The last 12 months have been positive for the residential property market in Cyprus, but sales growth seemed to slow towards the end of 2018. The latest analysis from KPMG points out that after a sharp drop in the property market in 2013, mainly due to an econo...

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GLOBAL: February 8, 2019

Strong annual property price growth continues in Ireland, latest official data shows

Property prices in Ireland increased by 7.1% in the 12 months to November 2018 on a national basis, but the annual growth was lower in Dublin, the latest official figures show. Overall annual price growth is still strong, but down from the 8.4% recorded in the year to October...

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GLOBAL: February 7, 2019

Larger cities and coastal areas of Spain set to lead property price growth in 2019.

Although the property market in Spain continued to see overall growth in 2018, some areas have done better than others, according to real estate experts. Locations popular with overseas buyers, particularly on the coast, and larger cities saw the stronge...

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GLOBAL: February 6, 2019

Renting is more affordable in 59% of housing markets in the US.

Renting a home is more affordable than buying in over half of housing markets in the United States, a new analysis shows, with prices rising faster than rents. In some 59% of markets it is cheaper to rent, according to the research that looked at the cost of a ...

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