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GLOBAL: July 18, 2021

Dubai communities where rents are dropping and rising the most

Apartment rentals in Dubai will continue to fall for the remainder of 2021 but some prime and up-and-coming communities are witnessing a rise in rentals due to residents continuing to flock to high-end apartments following consistent fall of rents over the years. ...

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GLOBAL: July 15, 2021

Prices of affordable homes in Dubai could witness a rise of 10-12% before the year-ends

Dubai: Here’s the tip for property buyers – costs of even the more affordable homes in Dubai could witness a 10-12% high before year-end. Developers will have no other chance but to increase their asking prices on ongoing projects if the price of steel and other buildin...

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GLOBAL: July 14, 2021

REBNY 2021: Dusting Off Its Duds as Real Estate Market Starts to Recover

In January, the time when the Real Estate Board of New York hosts its annual gala, Commercial Observer decided that just because the banquet was canceled due to COVID-19 didn’t mean that REBNY was irrelevent. On the contrary, with the industry on its back, the real ...

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GLOBAL: July 13, 2021

Lessons Learned From Lockdown: Black Swans, Gray Swans And Real Estate

Last spring, the world went into lockdown. As a result, the economy wallowed in economic molasses. A great many companies are still feeling the effects today, and some aren’t around to feel much of anything. ...

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GLOBAL: July 12, 2021

Wealth Fund ADIA Reviews Real Estate Plans as Pandemic Bites

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world’s biggest property investors, is considering changes to its real estate strategy after some of its major holdings suffered during the coronavirus pandemic, people with knowledge of the matter said. ...

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GLOBAL: July 11, 2021

11 Predictions For Innovation In Commercial Real Estate

The impact of Covid-19 has greatly been felt across the commercial real estate industry. Many businesses had to shut down, while others moved to working remotely. Few new businesses opened due to the u...

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GLOBAL: July 8, 2021


Want to become a Real Estate agent? Or want to start a real estate business? If yes, then it is a flawless place for you. What would be your reaction if I tell you you can become rich? Real Estate can make you rich if you know the authentic marketing tools. Although many real estate agent...

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GLOBAL: July 7, 2021

Real Estate Careers – It’s not just selling houses

Over 30 years ago, while studying for my undergraduate degree in real estate, everyone asked - why I needed a university degree for a real estate career? Most people assumed being in real estate was being an estate agent selling houses. However, that degree opened up the wo...

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GLOBAL: July 6, 2021

HSBC delivers bullish call on Dubai real estate market

HSBC Holdings has said a growing demand for larger homes during the pandemic will further boost Dubai’s property market, echoing analysts at Morgan Stanley who expect the rally to last for "several years". “The reported sales rebound in Dubai year-to-date ha...

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GLOBAL: July 5, 2021

Private Real Estate Funding Options: A Borrower’s Guide

Most real estate borrowers run to traditional lending institutions to fund the property they’re eyeing to buy and sell. Banks, government-backed housing agencies, and insurance companies are typically the go-to companies for real estate funding. How...

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