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GLOBAL: November 30, 2022

Are Shopping Malls Still Sound Real Estate Investments?

The shopping mall as we know it became popular in the United States in the 1950s as a suburban lifestyle took hold and interstate highways were built. For the first time, shoppers were able to travel further from home to...

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GLOBAL: November 29, 2022

How The Platform Business Model Is Transforming Real Estate

Digital platforms are now among the world’s most valuable and influential companies. Whether it’s Airbnb in lodging, Amazon in retail, Haier in home appliances, or Uber in transportation, countless platforms have developed innovativ...

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GLOBAL: November 28, 2022

Real estate dip expected to continue into 2023

The Bank of Canada is attempting to rein in inflation again, raising its benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points to 3.75 per cent. A pool of economists predict the cycle of rate hikes will continue through the year, with another increase coming in December. But the pace should wind ...

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GLOBAL: November 25, 2022

English Estate Available for First Time in 700 Years, World Cup Could Lift Dubai Property Market, and More

A huge and ancient estate in the U.K. countryside with ties to the royal family and a history that extends as far back as Medieval England has come to the market for £30 million...

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GLOBAL: November 24, 2022

Sizing up the booming global market for trophy real estate

A mansion in Dubai won’t be completed until next year, but it already holds the title of the emirate’s priciest home. A mystery buyer recently dropped 302.5 million dirhams — the equivalent of $82.4 million — for a villa on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, a tree-shaped art...

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GLOBAL: November 23, 2022

Understanding Intelligent Document Automation For Real Estate

To gain valuable insights into your portfolio, it is important to equip your real estate company with tools designed to improve your process. Streamlining quality data into your financial models fo...

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GLOBAL: November 22, 2022

AI, Virtual Reality And Real Estate: Big Ideas Coming Out Of IOi Summit 2022

Renowned futurist Thomas Frey is quoted as saying, "If you change your vision of the future, you will also change the way you make decisions today." Frey, whose insights into the field of futurology have caught the...

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GLOBAL: November 18, 2022

Dubai’s Luxury Property Market Is Cashing In on the Global Slowdown

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani bought an $80 million mansion in Dubai for his youngest son in March, setting a new record for the city’s real-estate market. Weeks later, a mystery buyer shelled out 302.5 million dirhams ($82.4 million) for an eight-bedroom, 18 bathroom villa o...

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GLOBAL: November 17, 2022

Tips For “Timing” The Real Estate Market

The Mint Hill Real Estate Market has changed! Rising interest rates with historically high home values have turned the seller’s market of early 2022 in a more balanced, maybe even buyer’s market. The conversations between sellers and Real Estate Agents is very di...

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GLOBAL: November 16, 2022

What Happens to Housing when There’s a Recession?

Since the 2008 housing bubble burst, the word recession strikes a stronger emotional chord than it ever did before. And while there’s some debate around whether we’re officially in a recession right now, the good news is e...

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