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GLOBAL: April 13, 2018

In a real estate investment market, the more the merrier

Some in the sector say they have seen around a 10 percent increase in the price of steel since the tariffs were announced earlier this month. Read more on: ...

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GLOBAL: April 12, 2018

Tariffs Already Putting Pressure on Commercial Construction Pricing

Some in the sector say they have seen around a 10 percent increase in the price of steel since the tariffs were announced earlier this month. Read more on: ...

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GLOBAL: April 11, 2018

An architect’s take on affordable housing

The past 25 years has witnessed a tremendous amount of change in the UAE. Economically, socially, technologically, you would hardly recognise Dubai or Abu Dhabi from the not-too-distant past. Read more on: ...

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GLOBAL: April 10, 2018

10 Under-The-Radar Home Markets To Watch For Buying And Investment

The top ten markets considered secondary and under the radar according to are ranked in order. They include Spokane, Washington, Portland, Maine, Knoxville, Tennessee, Deltona, Florida, Boise, Idaho, Jacksonville, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, North Port, Florida and Bakersfield, California. These markets made the watch list thanks to affordability (relative to other areas) good inventory and strong job markets. Remote workforce increases have fueled growth in ...

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GLOBAL: April 9, 2018

New Zealand proposes ban on wealthy foreign investors buying property

Rich-listers such as Californian billionaire Ric Kayne have issued a warning to New Zealand - banning house sales to foreigners could hurt the country’s reputation and turn wealthy investors away. Read more on: ...

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GLOBAL: April 8, 2018

The FIABCI 69th World Congress Dubai, to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 27th April to 2nd May, will boost real estate in the UAE and the MENA region.

The 69th international FIABCI Conference will be held for the first time at Dubai World Trade Centre. This significant milestone is a first for Dubai as well as the MENA region, a feat made possible with the exemplary efforts of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Emirates Airlines, and other local partners who have reinforced Dubai's position and reputation as a top global destination for hosting business events. Read more on: ...

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GLOBAL: April 7, 2018

Why some Dubai residents are abandoning the high-rise lifestyle

According to the Centre of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Dubai hosts almost 20 per cent of the world’s tallest completed buildings. Towering buildings can be seen in almost any direction, giving a sense of awe and wonder to anyone. With 50 per cent of the city’s skyscrapers functioning as residential buildings, Dubai does not fall short of the high-rise lifestyle in properties reaching 150m to 300m and even more above the ground. Its appeal includes ...

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GLOBAL: April 6, 2018

How Driverless Cars Could Disrupt The Real Estate Industry

Driverless cars could become a regular feature of the roads as early as April – at least in California, which has decided to allow fully autonomous vehicles to be tested on the roads (none of those pesky humans who have been present in test drives so far). Arizona has already become a fair-weather center for testing driverless vehicles, thanks in large part to the governor’s support, and Uber announced last week that it has finished testing its self-driving trucks in Arizona a...

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GLOBAL: April 5, 2018

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

There seems to be something special about coworking spaces. As researchers who have, for years, studied how employees thrive, we were surprised to discover that people who belong to them report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale. This is at least a point higher than the average for employees who do their jobs in regular offices, and something so unheard of that we had to look at the data again. Read more on: ...

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GLOBAL: April 4, 2018

South Africa braces for economic fallout of land nationalisation move

Land expropriation without compensation in South Africa moved a step closer as the country's parliament adopted a motion last week to make changes to existing legislation that would put the contentious plan into effect. Read more on: ...

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