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GLOBAL: July 13, 2020

Post-pandemic, UAE Government’s Initiatives to Improve Real Estate

When looking at the Coronavirus pandemic's impact on UAE real estate, one can certainly say the year 2020 has been interesting. The ...

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GLOBAL: May 2, 2019

UAE is set to introduce itself as a world-class commercial hub

With positive government initiatives in place and new commercial property trends emerging, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is all set to introduce itself as a world-class commercial hub in 2019. Opportunities abound in th...

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GLOBAL: January 13, 2019

Reasons to Invest in UAE’s Residential Properties this 2019

In 2019, the property market of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has so much in store for homebuyers, sellers and investors. With long-term residency visa, various residential projects to choose from, and low property pric...

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GLOBAL: October 15, 2018

Ways Real Estate Industry Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

The human mind is so intelligent that it was able to invent technology that teaches a machine the ability to solve human problems. This technology is what we now call Artificial Intelligence or AI. With the many benef...

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GLOBAL: September 14, 2018

Real Estate Companies’ Success in Virtual Reality Technology

With the engaging experience brought by its artificial environments and 3D images, virtual technology has gradually set its foot in the business world. Immersing customers and clients in an entirely synthetic environm...

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GLOBAL: August 15, 2018

Financial Investments in Real Estate in the United States

Nowadays, investing in real estate goes beyond just purchasing a property where one can live . People are now more conscious about other financial opportunities that real estate offers. Certainly, investing in real estate can yield signi...

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GLOBAL: July 15, 2018

Financial Investments in MENA Region

.col_img{display:none;} Oil and gas industry investments have been declining over the past couple of years and continue to decline, thus private equity investors are concentrating on consumer-related business for their investments. Consumer-r...

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GLOBAL: June 5, 2018

New regulations on foreign ownership – UAE

Tilal City in Sharjah, does not require investors to have a visa in order to invest in business, according to legislation that wa...

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GLOBAL: May 29, 2018

Sustainable Real Estate Trends in Europe

Cochem, Germany Going into 2018, sustainability has remained a trend in European real estate. Already, building sustainable real estate ...

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GLOBAL: April 19, 2018

Sustainable Real Estate Trends in the Middle East Region

Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been taking steps to encourage investors to use real estate investment trusts (REITs) to help investors create sustainable real estate. Though REITs have been allowed in the United Arab Emirates for about 10 years, they have not been...

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